by Song Club Sampler

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released May 2, 2018


all rights reserved



Song Club Sampler Provo, Utah

A group of pals who write monthly songs to a theme.

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Track Name: Emily Brown - Sketching in Surrey
I have this recording
from when we sat out on the grass
sketching in Surrey
hills that would never pass
you said that artists
change the shape of the land
mountain range moving
shifted with penciled hand
so when we see it
we may not recognize
that selfsame landscape
laid out before our eyes


and now I see that
I’ve misdrawn the scene, likewise
I can’t go back there
to learn if I’m wrong or right
But I was in London only the other night
Walking by Queensway, missing that holy time
Track Name: Tad Wagner - Bonfire On (the Moon)
A view we’re overlooking
well i just can’t give it a rest
it’s a million miles from somewhere
and the parking is the best

Bonfire On
Bonfire On
Bonfire On
the Moon

radio from the station
they’re sending everyone up

Bonfire On
Bonfire On
Bonfire On
the Moon
Track Name: Cody Rigby - Country Clouds
On Country Clouds, long be your day as you sit by the side of a fire place. Grass underfoot, leaves overhead, I'll hum a tune as you sleep in a river bed. Crystaline moon, no chance of rain. As it once was it can always be again. The nighttime sky as bright as day, wolbes howl and birds find a nest along the way. Easily, Here with me, I could spend a week or three on your cloud.
Track Name: Matthew Harrison - If You Know Me Now
I was at our yearly camp
You spent summer on your back
In the quiet nights I thought I knew
Thought I knew that I loved you

I was with friends all the time
Hard to keep you on my mind
In the quiet nights I thought I knew
It would be good to love you

In the morning, fog on the lake
I was hoping that we could go swimming
With Eduardo

Nike shorts and baggy t-shirts
I was thinking that we could go swimming
With Eduardo

In another life
In another time
I would be a man
I would have a dime

We go to the past
Often in our minds
I can smell the air
When I thought you were mine

It was something nice
Feel like all the rest
I was sick from sweet
I was truly blest

If you know me now
You don’t know me then
Now I am not me
I’ll be me again
Track Name: Jake Fleming - I Like To Camp
She asked me if I had ever been camping.
I asked her what kind of question is that?
Do I look like a guy who’s never been camping?
Look at my beard. Look at my hat.

Yeah, man. Camping is grand.
I like to camp all over the land.
Way up in the mountains and down in the trees.
I like to camp wherever I please.

She asked me if I had ever been scared way up on a mountain by a lion or bear.
A lion and bear oh my what a pair, well I’ve met a few but I’ve always been spared.

Yeah man camping is grand.
I like to camp all over the land.
Way up in the mountains or down in the trees.
I like to camp wherever I please.

Yeah man camping is grand.
I like to camp wherever I can
Just throw up a tent and light up a fire.
Sing out a songs like a chanting church choir.

oooooooh my god!!!
Whoa whoa whoa what’s that sound?
Is there a bear around?

She asked me again if I’d ever been camping.
I asked her what kind of question is that.
Do I look like a guy who’s ever been camping?
Let’s get outta here before that thing comes back!

Yeah man camping was grand.
We had so much fun we should do it again.
We made our own fire and we roasted a dog.
Sang out a song and we sat on a log.
Yeah man camping is grand.
I like to camp all over the land.
Way up in the mountains or down in the trees.
But let’s wait a while till the next time please.
Track Name: Company Vacation - Camping is Your Life (We Are Bored)
You quit your part time job, after being depressed
Finances were fine we lived with my grandparents

Used the extra time to go hiking with our dog
Black friday’d some gear and a sort of nice Nikon

Oh chasin desperation, seeking hope on the open road
Oh chasing revelation, say something Lord for we are bored

Hiked a trial run with Trevor out in Zion
Got a parking ticket and I had the runs,

Camping is your life, now you live in a yurt,
I’d love to hear about it if we were on speaking terms

Recently in preparation for a hike out on Point Reyes
I realized that in the break up I had swapped my gear with yours
And in the course of three moves since then I had never checked nor noticed
Did you know and maybe want to say but waited out that we were chasing

Oh chasin desperation, seeking hope on the open road
Oh chasing revelation, give us word Lord for we are bored
Track Name: Lauren Smith - AF Canyon / Canyon AF
Anxious, *Famous Amos offered*, I’m bleeding down my leg but no one sees me (even me), and my body runs its course without my care. American Fork, I feel like a dork in you. The canyon is dark and Parker is on a new quest for the day. I’m not okay we’re not friends anymore. I look to Julianne to soothe me and we park against the lake. I said I’d sleep here but I’m afraid of making a mistake in front of new friends. Will they ever love me? All I see is Trevor. Why does every high school girl I’ve met despise themselves with no exceptions? American Fork, I feel like a dork. I heard the canyon was bright when Kristopher sat with the light in his eyes. I’m not okay he’s not here anymore.
Track Name: Niels Christensen - Wooden House
I’d rather watch a movie about camping
Than go camping by itself
I like the Argentinian cowboy on his horse
From the comfort of my living room or from the back porch

I once went camping with Rebekah in Wisconsin
We drove for 20 hours and didn’t say a word
I didn’t feel in love and I had told her so
I got out of the car, put on my bag, I was gonna hitchhike back to provo

Existential dread
And smallness
Am I good enough of a lover
Have I fucked this up?

Rebekah got out of the car, took my bag off my shoulders,
She put it back in the trunk.
I felt defeated so I got back in.
She told me later she was planning to leave as soon as we arrived in Madison
She’d book a flight the very next day and be home in Springville with her mom
Or maybe to LA to see the coast and spend time with her brother

Cause sometimes grieving people need to move to away

We endured the drive and I felt sick, so I called my sister,
Told her things would probly not work out between Bek and I
She said sorry, said she loved me, said we’d we talk when we arrived
At 2 am, we shared a bed, and I wept in life

Camping in a wooden house
I love my sister, she held my head
As I blamed the turning earth and god for filling me with dread

One day later, we slept in a humid tent and shared breath and warmth
I laid awake and wondered where we’d go from here
Track Name: Ben Meyer - My Bones
"Now please hold on
When I’m gone
I don’t know where I’m going

I won’t be long
So sing our song
And remember a time we were home

I hold these notes
In the back of my throat
For when I come back in some morning

I know it’s cold
It rattles MY BONES
But soon I’ll see you again

I can’t really leave
Asleep in the trees
A fire left alone
I won’t make it home"
Track Name: Jared Gay - Campfire in Paris
"All embarrassed
Wish I hadn't left home
Trapped in Paris
Traveling without a phone

Found some matchsticks
And started a flame
In the Parisian countryside
Felt to me like a game

This man created fire
Camping out in the wild
No permit on me
No French did I speak
Or phone did I need
To create all this heat

After I got home
Back to Paris
All in smoke

For the destruction
Of the City of Light
Ironic name
All aflame
The city's gone now
I am to blame "
Track Name: Katrina Peterson - Glow More
"lights where you have been
so far
the gaps of silence in me
slow slower

passing the marks we make
till the sun’s down
things i can’t erase
gone now

laying on the ground it feels cold now
the only beams to see
glow more

blinking once then twice and
i'm gone"
Track Name: Jake Lyman - Camping
"Joe was born to lead
Anointed to Provo MTC
Found a room, brought TV
Somewhere he could show woman
the way he leads
Woman disbelieve
No man of faith could so deceive
He is saint, she is she
Nothing but child with fever dream

We protect our own
Even when all his sins are known
He's in our camp
He pitched a tent
Now we're camping!"

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