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Track Name: Caleb Darger - Freeway
Wide open road, the time got away
We drove through the night, I asked you to stay

You slept in my arms until the morning light
It’s all new to me, and I don’t know why,
but it all gets so easy when I’m with you

It happened so fast, it feels like a dream
Give up your past and take what you need
Track Name: Officer Jenny - i will be free
all the light will fall through the dusk
and the moon will fail as it must
when my memory trips
and my lifeline slips
i will be free

all the tar and poison soils the wind
and a deep dispassion salts my wounds
and when i fall prey
to the smog and decay
i will be free
Track Name: Company Vacation - As I Lay Driving
San Jose has seen a rain like buckets, cats, and ed sheeran
And I could bike, instead I drive. baby that interstate will be my end.
On a freeway, the I-280, baby, oh I’m gonna die, hydroplane into the divide
without time to get my things in line

There’s a will, I wrote before we met in twenty fifteen,
who gets this rhodes, and who gets the laptop on which I’m recording
But on that freeway, if I die baby, the light will come suddenly to me
When I die who will get my google drive

I really hope for you
A quick recovery,
And find someone new
But here is one thing I want you to have the most of all:

1234 69 Star Wars
The hint is duh please sex and movie
Track Name: Ben Swisher - Symmetrical Lines
In car on my way to move Eugene
In heart something tells me, "Ben, believe”

In heart I am worried this will fail
In car something tells me, "love prevail”
Track Name: Jake Lyman - Start Driving
When we first got married I was very impressed
Then she revealed everything that she had repressed
And by the end we were both severely depressed
And I didn’t know where to go
Parked near the 15 in my brand new car
Kate and I were married but were drifting apart
She started dating someone and we weren’t even divorced
So I put on Carrie & Lowell

And I start driving, I start driving
I can’t stop crying, can’t stop crying
She keeps lying, she keeps lying
And I hope somebody kills me

Well in 2013 she called me up at night
She was sitting in our living room and holding a knife
Said she was thinking about ending her life
And I should probably come home soon
She drove her mind into a frantic state
I gave her everything and drove her away
So I drove alone to Provo every single day
Crying to Harry Nilsson’s “Living Without You”

And I start driving, I start driving
I can’t stop crying, can’t stop crying
She keeps lying, she keeps lying
And I hope somebody kills me

I wanna die
I wish I could die
I really really really wish that someone would kill me
Crash into my car and kill me
I hope somebody kills me
I wanna die
Track Name: Jack Mergist - Driving Down the Freeway with Herb
All, all of these lanes
Not enough exits.
I see no one's face.
No one sees me.

They can't be free at such limited speeds,
And no one seems to care.

I could try new roads
And leave my mountain home.

And it's the change I fear
So it keeps me here
Shifting lanes and gears
Limits firm and clear.

Some some know the
Just not me.
Most most are just late
Just like me.

In such construction no progress is made,
And somehow I still stay.
Track Name: Alex Vincent & Emmalie Arntz - We've Grown Old
A minute is a lifetime
When you’re a child riding on the highway
The moments pass so slowly as
Little foreheads press against the glass

Oh, the winds blow as swiftly as in ages past
And the cars are moving fast but not much faster
Heaven knows why the time is spinning uncontrolled
We’ve grown old

May childish eyes bear us away
To a time and place beyond our reaching
And tiny birds and butterflies
Guide us softly to a safer space

Though my mind may try to keep me grounded
And my body may keep me in my chair
Passing sky will keep ourselves delivered
Come what may
Track Name: Jared Clark Gay - The Sky and I
Eye to eye
I plead through the glass with the sky
I have these stories I try
To tell myself while I drive

I keep to myself visions I won't tell ya
Like where we live on a farm
And I work in the stable

What tender hearts
We have in this story
I feed all the pets and
You never call me boring

I've never cried
When I see you up there
Floating high

So why don't I commit for a while
To your sunshine?

Blue or Grey, or golden, pink, and green some days

All the same to me
I love you every way
Track Name: Ben Meyer - Road
Its one of those
those days when driving isn't so old
the can’t stop thinking of road
the can't stop thinking of home

I never tried
I never put it out of mind
it’s always there it will always be
my mind on the road
Track Name: Lindenfield - Symmetrical Lanes
Keep me in your grip
Night drive
Leave me with my wits

Wholly upset fits
Brake lights
Draw away my sadness

All my stuff
Tetris trunk
All my love
Keep in touch
Track Name: Tom Brinton - Shadow of Rio
as i wander
thru the valley
of the shadow
of rio

what i see oh

as i ponder
on the keepers
of the valley
the believers
of rio

what i see oh

it breaks my heart
can we start once again?
it's the hardest part to win
Track Name: Emily Brown - Guide to Driving in San Jose
I don’t like driving
I hate the freeway
But I guess I don't mind
Being where you are
I dread the traffic
I feel the tension
But then you call me
And I’m in my car

I take the 101 to the 280
And baby, lately, the 85
I never loved the road; I take convincing
But you’re the real thing, you make me want to go and drive

I know I’m changing
I've made exceptions
And then amendments
To please my heart
Some things go missing
I feel the difference
Don’t always like it
But here we are


So here’s the question
will I go missing?
I feel my borders
start caving in
This ain’t just us, babe
The work of loving
is staying human
while buying in
Track Name: Eli Scheer - She Is A Peak/Valley
She is a peak
She is a valley
I am the road that led us here
Just want to speak
Don’t care if they find me
All of the heat ripping the air

I am itchy feet
I am divided
Two yellow lines recede from view
Follow my eyes
Trace every line
To where the horizon meets my ground

Just want to speak
Don’t care if they find me
Tracing the lines through heavy air
Too bright to see
Too close for comfort
Searching for destination signs
Track Name: Sebastian Meyer - Moonlight
You’re falling sleep.
Let’s take the long way home.
There’s no-one around.
It’s just you and me alone.
On our way back home
no-one knows where we roam
as long as we’re alone
on our way back home

You have your window down
The moonlight coming through.
The radio’s soft
It’s singing something blue.
We’ll be alright.
A sky of satellites
and the moonlight.
We’ll be alright.

Father forgive
The passion of the night.
We don’t do it for hate
We only do what is right.
We believe in love
Hands fit in empty gloves
Just like you above
We believe in love.

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