Lost Things

by Song Club Sampler

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released January 4, 2019


all rights reserved



Song Club Sampler Provo, Utah

A group of pals who write monthly songs to a theme.

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Track Name: Wallfly - Crater
It ended in silence
Without confrontation
The plans we had made hung suspended in space

Don’t know how it happened
But everything changed
When the things you would tell me & the things that I saw stopped being the same

In a year will this still feel
Like such a big deal
I’m too young to have intuition about life’s longer arcs

I find myself second guessing
Everybody’s intentions
It feels like the child inside me & I have been growing apart

& sometimes I wonder
If I could go back
Swallow my pride and talk it out face to face

But there’s still a crater
Inside me & others
I don’t have the right to forgive you for anyone else’s pain
Track Name: Matthew Harrison - Painting
Keep me quiet
While I mourn the loss
Of my childhood bed
And the stars my mom
Painted over my head
When I only just knew
What a star even was
What does a star do
Track Name: Jake Lyman - Nickelcade
I was 10 years old when I lost my ring at Nickelcade
I left it on the sink to wash my hands after I played
When I went back to find it, it wasn’t on the sink
And I don’t know what that means
Track Name: John Hancock - Bound and Blind
I have broken down
So many times that I can’t recollect
Trying to make sense
Of all the thoughts and feelings I collect
Drowning in the darkness and despair
Drowning in the sea
Cradled in the candy-colored clouds
High on fantasy

Bound and blind
Caught under the pressure
Give me time
To get my thoughts together
Lost in my
In my mind forever

I have tried to see
The beauty in the things that I create
But it’s like someone
Has locked me outside my own garden gate
Trudging through the brambles and the thorns
Til I find the key
Waiting for the day I figure out
What the hell is wrong with me
Track Name: Jake Fleming - Losing Youth
I hold onto memories of you specifically
Ones that I love the most, we’re driving down the coast
You’re singing that song
letting out a sleepy sideways yawn
And then you turn to me quite inquisitively
Your mouth just opened up–said, “are we there yet?”
It didn’t really matter...just wanna grow old and grow fatter.

But growing old, ain’t fun for no one.

When I think about everything…
Growing old is such a pain
When everything that moves is growing older too
There’s nothing you can do
It’s happening to you

And growing old ain’t fun for no one.

As Queen would say, “Who wants to live forever” anyway?
No, I’m ok...thanks.

I’m losing youth, not losing you.
To tell the truth, nothing to prove.
The more time that I travel, the more memories unravel.

Growing old can be fun with the right one.
Track Name: Alex Vincent - See You Tomorrow
Have you any hope for stillness
Is it something we forgot
While the birds sing incantations
And shepherds tend their flock

Giving gifts and singing praises
On the eve of the next year
Have yourself a Merry Christmas
May goodness ever keep you near

Gravity is ever pleading
August a relentless queen
Juniper will send us spinning
And land us on our knees

Fireworks scream hallelujah
Raining down on you and me
Blessed be the ash that finds us
Cooled by the unceasing breeze
Track Name: Tom Brinton - Warlock’s Lament in D-minor
the first thing i lost was the magical key
the one that unlocked the magic in me
i set it down
outside of town

the next thing i lost was the passage of time
i simply forgot which era is mine
i sat there alone
on the majesty stone

don't lose your mind

the next thing i lost was the battle of kings
i stood on the rock and i started to sing
the old melodies
down on my knees

the last thing i lost was the struggle within
where could i turn after where had i been?
i lay my head
on the wilderness bed
Track Name: Company Vacation - Cruel Scrutiny
I hope this year I’ll find that thing I lost,
that part of me that gives permission to have fun
Tiny things weigh so heavily
Gets me in the mood for cruel scrutiny

At this moment, out the window
rain and wind and feet corrode concrete (and wood)
I’m consumed in all that isn’t new,
Do you feel it, do you feel it too?

It’s natural, that everything new gets old
But unnatural that I’m stuck on what it is that’s lost
is that new car smell gone?

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