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released March 5, 2019

Cover art by Eli Scheer


all rights reserved



Song Club Sampler Provo, Utah

A group of pals who write monthly songs to a theme.

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Track Name: Emily Brown - Joan Baby
It was a stormy lonely Monday night
I thought I’d maybe brave the ride
I thought I’d go and see what you were like
We took the 5 to Sacramento and
I picked you up in both my hands
And drove on home with you all through the night

Now that I’ve found you
I wanna put my arms around you
Joan Baby Joan Baby Joan Baby you and me
Joan Baby Joan Baby Joan Baby you and me

We were a boring bunch on Friday nights
Took 15 minutes to decide
If we’d read or watch tv or play a game
You came in with your electric light
Went crying screaming through the night
And now we’re never gonna sleep again


I wouldn’t say we had a wish to die
But sometimes paused too long to sigh
And sometimes found our eyes fixed on the wall
It doesn’t take that much to make us say
I guess I’ll live another day
I guess I’ll have to make it after all

Track Name: Jake Fleming - Chariot of Doom
Whether or not you grew up with him in your life,
You’ve undoubtedly heard about him.
He’s a guy in the sky. He’s a man with a plan.
Gave you life, took your wife, left you grounded.

Everything you’ve heard is probably true.
Every single word.

Forget proof.
Just believe that The King returns soon
From a chariot carrying doom
Just for sinners, not winners like you.
Track Name: Company Vacation - No Man Knows My History
I'm sitting in a room with it,
Tryin to watch that record spin
Before I came to this little trick
Got all caught in politics

I'm sitting in a room with it,
Tryin to see which part is me
My grandpa seems to love this tune
I wonder what makes it worth loving

No man knows my history,
Few can compare my mythology,
I am tired of misunderstandings
From the people who made me

Some man with some prominence
In the nineteenth century
Had opinions which lasted long enough
to decide the shame in me
Track Name: Ben Meyer - Imaginary Girlfriend
You, you’re making me choose
All my lines they’re so misused
And it’s true
I’m falling in love
Now it’s you I’m thinking of
Oh it’s ahh ahh

Stop here I can’t explain
It’s the making of a myth
She’s American, man

Blue top
My stop
Gonna miss it now I’ll skip it she’s my imaginary girlfriend

I’m wishing now
I knew just how
You are making me feel like
I’m invincible
We’re make believe official
And you are making me feel

One look I was done
Across the tram, I’m the only one
I’m sorry, I’m nothing
But let me dream

Eyes looking forward, nothing for me

You, oh it’s true
You’re gone and I’m without a clue
Now I see the problem is me
I’m home

I’m always hoping
Someone will change me

But you are making me Feel
Like I’m so emotional, so disposable
And you are making me feel

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