by Song Club Sampler

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released May 7, 2019


all rights reserved



Song Club Sampler Provo, Utah

A group of pals who write monthly songs to a theme.

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Track Name: Jared Gay - Fairfield
Take us out on a drive
To Fairfield this Sunday
We'll pass the delta
And the windmills

Take us out on a drive
To Fairfield this Sunday
We'll pass the delta there
Track Name: Jake Fleming - 1099 Till I Die
The contract is double signed
That digital signature’s making me sigh
An edible might get me by
Even though I don’t like getting hi–aye yai yai–gh

Do the work and grind
Get it out, shit it out just in time
all according to plan
I’m stuck in quicksand…
the more I accomplish the more that I am
stuck in quicksand

Don’t even know why I try
The only things certain in this mortal life
1099 til I die.
Death and taxes and Graphic Desi–aye yai yai–gn
Track Name: Tom Brinton - Quicksand!
[SPOKEN] Quicksand!
Track Name: Ben Meyer - It's Always a Pleasure
Well look at me
I’m sinking in the quicksand
I call for help that
I never want anyway

I’m missing messages
An answer to the question
It’s always pleasure

I’ll just stop looking cause I can’t find love when I’m stuck in the ground all alone

Another notion I feel like it’s in slow motion
It’s always a pleasure

Forget me now
I’m almost gone
And my genes are leaving without any chance now
Like I’m not here
And I scream to no ones ears and there’s nothing

Now count your blessings
Sometimes i just call this guessing
How did I get in here anyway?

I’m stuck with you
Myself my mind and my notes my tunes
Another ditty - I have no clue

Keep looking down because my time is coming and I’m going im leaving and Im living my last day

I chose this method
Mama you know I’m just messing
I’ll just figure it out on the way
Track Name: Sebastian Meyer - Stuck
We've been running around
with our eyes on the ground.
One foot in front of the other
We're looking out for each other.

And you look for the signs,
and I'll make sure we don't get left behind
and get stuck.

If our steps are in order,
then we'll keep moving forward.

I'll pick up the slack
if you don't look back.

And you look for the signs,
and I'll make sure we don't get
Left behind and get stuck.

You know it's all the same it's
Hard enough to know the name it's
Getting worse, and who knows who to blame

I'm lost and don't know how to play, it's
turning dark and getting late, it's
feeling less like life and more like a game
Track Name: Eli Scheer - Everything Infinite
I’m sinking in
Weary from fighting it
She knows the way
Everything infinite

We keep talking about the big one—I guess I’m over it
Each step forward trying to find a future bit by bit

And I’m sinking in
So tired of fighting it
Cause she knows the way
Everything infinite
Everything infinite
Track Name: Company Vacation - Do My Friends Know I Need Them?
I am only doing that which has been done in other bands
Covenant underperformance, feel unpracticed and overstressed

Everyone says we played great
The band thinks what they cannot say

I am only doing that which has been done in other jobs
Covenant underperformance, managed out of happy thoughts

Coworkers are my only friends
If they leave, what do I have left?

And the promise pushing all sides
The heaviness of all mistakes
Do my friends know that I need them?
Does loneliness win in the end?

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