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released June 2, 2017

Album art: Ainsley Romero


all rights reserved



Song Club Sampler Provo, Utah

A group of pals who write monthly songs to a theme.

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Track Name: Caleb Darger - Saturday
My girl, in your weary state, let's crash at your place
And sleep in on a Saturday

I don’t want to let go of you

My girl, where should we go? Cause you don’t have to work on Saturday

All of our friends are gone let’s drive fast, headed nowhere
What is the highway going to show?
Sooner or later we will know
Track Name: Moah Kertizney - Freedom Blues
On Saturday I awoke with the early dawn
But I fell back asleep until half of my day was gone
It’s the only day that’s mine
And I waste it all the time
On Saturday--
Track Name: Fragile Cat - Cats Have Things To Do
I just got the morning news
Garfield kicked a dog across the room
even cats have things to do
Thinking how the weekend fills the blues

Pick up your family
go to the movies
wash all the laundry
burgers and pepsi
catch up on T.V.
shopping for groceries
writing to Lexi
washing the Camry
mowing and weeding
fishing and skiing
planning a party
sweeping and cleaning
eating bologna
not really mainly
I get so lonely
I call my parents

Saturday of this weekend
the next time I'll see my real friends
Saturday I get things done
but next time I will have some real fun
Track Name: Julianne Brough - Day
To close one’s eyes I’ve tried
In the opening, a new feeling
But to feel like morning has come
As if open windows as if a cool breeze
Even when the room is dark and floor is cold
I tried, I tried, I tried

I have held out my hands in the thinking
That I could do anything for so long
But to feel the weight of your hands
I tried, I tried, I tried

Did you reframe the question in your mind?
I tried, I tried, I tried
Track Name: Ben Swisher feat. Luke Williams - Tuning Fork
You are the partial
Above my fundamental
And lately I’ve been
A tuning fork

You are the charge
Up above my monumental
And lately I’ve been
A lightning rod

When I need
You appear

When I need
You I hear

When I need
You are here
Track Name: Jared Clark Gay - Pool Party
Saturday, as the sun goes down,
I call my friends all around.

And I say,
"There's a pool I've got today,
and some food I bought,
and I would like to spend some time with you.
So come and hang out by the pool"

Tragedy could strike us down,
but tonight, there's a pool in town.

And I'd love for you to visit me,
because you are so beautiful.
And what a gift to talk with you right now
and enjoy some poolside food.
Track Name: Jacob Lyman - Saturday
Don’t know what to do at work
Check the clock, but it won’t move
Showing up and spending
Hours and hours at my desk
But my last day’s coming soon

Friday I’ll show up at 8
And if I can get my way
I’ll be gone by 11:30am
On my way to Saturday

It really doesn’t feel that far away
Waking up in Brooklyn
Completely free for three months of

Saturday (wah oh wah oh)
la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la

ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
ooo ooo ooo ooo oooooo
ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ---
Track Name: Eli Scheer - Saturdays Are For Dreaming
Saturdays are for sleeping
Cause it turns out change is hard
Spent the whole week trying to be her best
Everyone’s got a demon
And if figuring who you are is the worst thing
There’s a worse thing yet

Saturdays are for questions
Keep a line free for that voice
Keep believing that you have a choice
Cause sticks and stones will do damage
Keep it under lock and key
And if someone asks, everything is fine

Saturdays are for dreaming
Living as you are
Spend the whole day trying to forget
Cause sticks and stone will do damage
But the words will fucking kill
Brace yourself—it isn’t over yet
Track Name: Company Vacation - Someday
I thought you were there
I thought you would say what you feel
I thought you could trust I would
be someone you could tell

As if I were prescribed,
Designed for your therapy
That we would meet in this way,
And later learn what it means,

So write me down like this,
Hear my soul to speak,
The pain of wordless love
Is a song that I might sing
So write me down like this,
May God endow my voice, Someday

I owe broken glass
I owe a word without fear
I owe a stepstone to be
Some tongue-tied rock for your feet

So write me down like this,
Hear my soul to speak,
The pain of wordless love
Is a song that I might sing
So write me down like this,
May God endow your ears, Someday

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