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[CH. 01] “I am a vibrant and crystalline burst of clarinet.” [CH. 32] “I would not think to touch the sky with two arms.” [CH. 07] “Someone said that I swim like a swan but it was not a compliment.” [CH. 26] “Blossoms on three different branches, which for us, per- [...] none.”
whatever the hell i sang
Saw some trash on the screen Despite a lack of skill was still a man of means He spouted hate and I agreed All because I saw him on TV Heard the words and I believed I knew my side would not deceive But our control would bring reprieve All because I heard it on TV That’s my guy Orange and Cream Bloated cartoon fool who only thinks in tweet Gave my support so he’d succeed All because I knew him from TV
I don’t have room for any more Two-dimensional individuals. Take all your medicine Dr. Who, Dr. Quinn. Dr. House is in my house. Get him out. I want him out. You wanted it to feel more real, How much more real can it feel, To witness as your nation Becomes a TV station?
I am not a harlot I won't move like they move on TV Young but I am tarnished as your marks have been cast upon me Still, I am not a harlot! I won't move like they move on TV
TV's on and the weather man is gone Where did he go Ain't nobody know, maybe gone outside Don't spend too much don't waste it all away Just wait it out And keep an eye til they decide to come around It's cooking out here won't someone let me in Maybe buy me a drink Let me wander about til I've done my time Take my money and take my phone away Won't nobody know Won't nobody care until it's all too late Ima check once more just to see what I can find Motivational thoughts A ticking bomb and broken clock Weatherman's taking a break for way too long Did he slip on the ice Did he find a new job or did he just go home
There’s nothing on TV, and nothing to say Wide awake, trapped in your embrace Could I seep through the carpet like dust over time? And disappear from constructs of mind Late in the morning you know where I’ve been Come without warning and sink in my head Late in the morning you know where I’ve been It did nothing for me I want it to end No way to stop now, I’ll bleed ‘til I’m dead Eternity, my new enemy All bets are off now, forget what I said So cursory, your comfort with me
Born into a lowly manger Then a 30 year cliffhanger He died side by side with heathens cancelled after just two seasons Holy bed where I watch cable Jesus died so I am able Jesus under anesthetic Who knows if he’s gonna make it Sterile walls of Israel’s stables Died upon the operating table Holy bed where I watch cable Jesus died so I am able The musical improved the fable Superstar: a decent playbill Crucified to have His will done Died again just for Mel Gibson Naked girls on Television Jesus died for me, still a virgin Holy bed where I watch cable Jesus died so I am able Wasn’t even syndicated Jesus Christ: was he overrated?
You called me fun You called me brother And in my prime Like a mother You held me tight You gave me comfort And all my time with you Was filled with wonder Kid In your window Loved your TV show
When Kyle and I go out for tacos, sitting at our table That’s the only time I ever find I’m face to face with cable And we’re talking over salsa, sort of glancing all about Then we’re both engrossed in some Spanish Judge Judy watching people shout Then we have this conversation, when it's been a couple minutes About attention spans, reality shows, how invested we were in it And I'm always so surprised, uncanny lure of the TV Heaven please preserve our talking and please bless the rice and beans
2,073,600 tiny specks of light dance across an ocean of black. These weird machines. Far sighted. Trying desperately to convince us all that any of this means something.


Cover art by Lauren Smith


released January 3, 2017


all rights reserved



Song Club Sampler

A group of pals who write monthly songs to a theme.

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