Us v. Them

by Song Club Sampler

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Cover art by Ben Swisher


released February 5, 2019


all rights reserved



Song Club Sampler Provo, Utah

A group of pals who write monthly songs to a theme.

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Track Name: Ben Swisher - Hello Did You Know / Carolyn July Believed When No One Else Did
‘94 and in the forest I
Went too far and think I should’ve died
Stranger’s house appeared and asked them if
Knew your name and somehow even they

Miles out walked me to Carolyn
We all knew the way to Carolyn

Every time I have been left behind
Deemed unworthy of returning time
You were always on the other end
You were always my believing friend
Track Name: Ben Meyer - Crown for a Majesty
Feel, feel the low sun
it moves it grows and
Im pulling my own

fear is alone, son
use your eyes, my ears
they’re killing our own

people say we’re going out tomorrow
people know we’re not all coming home

first charge the butchers gone, I never seen so many men killed before
Now We go!
I’m off, I cannot talk, I can’t feel life when Im scraping it from the floor

I’m coming up slowly
you’ll hardly even know it
I’m pulling it back to me

I’m making it better
but parts of ours don’t matter
when they’re lost in the bloody sea

loyal to country, partial to parties
a crown for a majesty

pardon my solution it’s filled with emotion
a struggling peasantry

I stop, a message drops a tower calls this question from up above,

“King John, that horrid song, let me live, a blessing from the throne. From your own.”

I’m falling over now
I said I’m through

Pawns are all over now
we only remember you!!
Track Name: Jake Fleming - Respawn
It’s you. It’s me. It’s we.
Don’t you agree it’s us vs. them?
That’s how it’s been since the beginning, but everything ends.
It’s not your fault you were born on the wrong side of that wall.
They built it tall, but you better get ready to watch it fall!

You’re gonna die die die, but what’cha gonna die for?
What’cha gonna die for now?
You gonna die die die for a little clout–
Die for the people who let you down last round?
You’re gonna die die die, but what’cha gonna die for?
What’cha gonna die for now?

Less than a minute left to win it back.
Don’t you give in just yet.
There’s still plenty of time to be the best.
You take your sword up to that hill and then you fall on it.
Who gives a shit?
You’re not a martyr, you’re a fucking prick!
Track Name: Company Vacation - It’s Oll Korrect
If you pause to catch to your breath and hear a voice in your head
Echoing calamity and fantasies of death
you are just 16, you don’t have to be everything
it’s okay to breath, you are not what you’re feeling

lately I’ve been terrified, reminded what it was like
When shame and grief sunk levity, and mom was losing her mind
If you are not for me, who will speak for what we need,
It’s okay to cry, it’s us v them from here on Kyle

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